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Catalyst Custom Technology

Catalyst is inspired by hard working professionals — one man or woman operations like contractors, private music teachers, and doctors that are dedicated to their craft. These businesses deserve a well designed and affordable website that projects a professional and modern image.

Mobile devices are quickly outpacing traditional computers as the primary device for internet access. Catalyst is founded in Mobile-First design principles. We are dedicated to conveying information in a clean format that is easily accessible on mobile devices and traditional computers.

Catalyst Custom Technology is built to change your business with an efficient, professional, and friendly manner. We can put your business on the web, maintain your gear, and keep you on the cutting edge.

Who is Catalyst?

Al Jachimiak is the founder and principal agent at Catalyst. He has built, rescued, and installed systems in all major operating systems. This includes broad experience with a variety of smartphones, tablets and many other gadgets. Al has been a teacher and tech guru for many years. He has also provided professional development and given talks about technology for several different organizations.

Al sings in the Union Presbyterian Chancel Choir, plays trumpet professionally, and enjoys all the time he can get with his wife and daughter. Follow his award winning tweets @Catalyst_Agent and check out his blog at Mental Drizzle.

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