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Why do I need a website?

Customers search the Internet before making a decision to spend their money. You need to provide the customer with a web experience that gives them the information they want in a format that makes you look good.

Isn’t my Facebook page enough?

Facebook is a great tool. It allows you to connect with customers at a personal level. It also allows you to quickly add information like specials, sales, and events.

Warning – Facebook isn’t available at many workplaces and some folks don’t trust social media! Also, Facebook is known to change their format – whether you like it or not.

Catalyst Sites can provide seamless integration of your recent events from Facebook, presented in a clean format.

I heard websites are expensive!

Right! A fully functional website, with galleries, forums, and online payment systems can start at $10,000 and go up from there. This doesn’t include domain registration, server management, and hosting – jobs that are usually left to you or your company.

Catalyst Sites work differently! We create a customized website and manage it with our quarterly Site-Check. After you pay a one-time setup fee, an inexpensive yearly subscription keeps your site on the Internet.

How do Catalyst Sites work?

We’ll take the time to understand what information your website needs to be most useful to customers. This generally includes hours, location, and contact information. We’ll also incorporate some unique information about your business that helps set you apart in your field.

We take all of that information and encode it so that it looks great on the web. We also test on tablets and mobile phones. Once the site is assembled, you’ll double-check it for accuracy. Then we’ll send it into cyber-space and connect it with a name like “”. Finally, we’ll contact you every quarter to ensure the site’s information is correct.


  • $400 – one time development and deployment fee
  • $200 – yearly subscription; this includes hosting, domain name registration, and quarterly Site-Check
  • Extra design and coding is charged at an hourly rate that we’ll agree upon before it happens.
  • If you want to go old school and purchase your site outright, we can talk about that before work begins.
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