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I have a new iPad – now what!?!

Many board members, executives and administrators are being issued iPads in order to save costs on paper. While the iPad is a fantastic device, the touch interface may be unfamiliar to a person handling an iPad for the first time. We have experience giving one-on-one and small group instruction on the iPad. Here are some of the topics we have covered that are iPad specific:

  • navigating and manipulating the iPad
  • managing your apple ID and installing apps
  • syncing documents between Pages, Numbers, and Keynote and your computer
  • note taking techniques to help make meetings efficient

We also show you how to:

  • get your pictures onto the iPad
  • sync the calendar with your android device or iPhone
  • use iBooks to manage your PDF files.

Not just iPads!

We have a wide variety of experience with word processors, spreadsheets, photo editing and much more. Let us know what you want to do and we’ll patiently guide you through instruction that will draw upon your previous experience and move you steadily towards your goal.

We all see the value in music lessons, martial arts, or dance for our children. Why not enrich your own life? With Catalyst on your side, you will be more confident, productive and efficient with your computers and devices.


$35 for a half hour or $65 for an hour of small group instruction (1-3 people).


  • A clear goal is important before beginning instruction.
  • A wireless network may be necessary to access resources on the Internet.
  • An uninterrupted block of time in an area free of distractions is best for time management and comprehension.
  • Every person has their own needs when learning. In order to accommodate for different learning styles and comfort levels please set aside at least 30 minutes per person in the group.
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