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I don’t think my computer is working the way it should!

Viruses, spyware, and malware can really slow you down. And you need your computers and devices to increase your efficiency – not waste your time.

Fear Not! We can help. Rather than take your hardware to a genius or geek who just wants your money, we’ll help you deal with your problems personally and patiently. We will help you understand the problem and repair it if necessary. No matter what kind of machine or operating system you have we’ve seen it before.

  • Windows: We grew up on it and use it every day.
  • Mac: We love Macs and and use them for most of our design and development work.
  • Linux: Free and open source software solutions have breathed new life into a lot of our gear.
  • Certified: We are Comptia A+ certified! This means we’re up to date on all of the latest solutions for your hardware and networking needs.


  • Virus removal, spyware removal, and data recovery start at $55.
  • Installing RAM or configuring a new internal or external device start at $35 (hardware not included).

Contact us so we can take a look at your hardware. We’ll provide you with a fair estimate and get your computer back into service – quickly!

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